Not Past It

Small Town Secession

Fed up with not receiving funding to fix their crumbling water infrastructure, the residents of a small town in Minnesota took matters into their own hands. On July 13th, 1977, the town of Kinney voted to secede from the U.S. Gimlet, July 2021

Balto Wasn't the Only Hero

In the winter of 1925, the terrible suspicions of the only doctor in Nome -- a small, isolated town in northwest Alaska -- came true. A highly contagious and deadly disease called diphtheria was spreading, and he sent word asking for a delivery of the medicine to cure it. On February 2, 1925, Nome received its first delivery of antitoxin, transported by some heroic couriers: dogs! Sled dogs, braving the treacherous elements of a freezing Alaskan winter. But just one of those dogs would become legend.  Gimlet 2022

Murder in Ogoniland

After four decades of devastating oil pollution in the Niger Delta, Ken Saro-Wiwa decided he couldn’t stand the injustices any longer. The Nigerian writer-turned-activist started campaigning to defend the rights of his people, the Ogoni, from the oil drilling that was destroying their land and way of life. But Ken paid a price. In this episode, actor Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Deuce, The Wire), bring Saro-Wiwa’s work to life. Gimlet 2021

Sarah Catherine Craig - Audio Producer

Sarah Craig is a podcast producer based in Boulder, CO.
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